OREB Property Types

To search for a property on the Ottawa Real Estate Board website you must keep in mind the type of home you are looking for. Below is an explanation of different types of homes to help you better understand what you are looking for.

There are different ways a home can stand. There are single homes, townhomes, apartment buildings. Below explains all the different possibilities.

  • A Detached unit is a single dwelling unit standing alone, separately titled.
  • A Row Unit is one dwelling unit of a group of three or more attached, self-contained dwelling units of similar design and size, where each unit is separately titled. (Row units are often referred to as townhouses.)
  • A Semi-Detached unit is one of a pair of self-contained dwelling units, often of mirror image design, attached by a common wall but detached from other buildings; separate titles. (Semi-detached houses are often referred to as duplexes, though this is an incorrect designation; see Property Type.)
  • An Apartment is one unit of a complex of self-contained units lying within a low, mid or high rise building, offering common areas such as hallways, parking lots, stairwells, etc.

When you are looking at a town, semi-detached or single, here are the different types of home you may encounter:

  • 1-level (1LEVEL) An apartment with all its rooms on one level;
  • 1.5-storey (1.5STY) A single family dwelling with 2 levels above grade, where the upper level is full height at the centre peak but dramatically slopes to a shorter height along the outer walls;
  • 2-storey (2STOREY) A single family dwelling with 2 levels above grade;
  • 3-storey (3STOREY)  A single family dwelling with 3 levels above grade;
  • Bungalow (BUNGALOW)  A single family dwelling with only 1 level above grade;
  • Hi-ranch (HIRANCH) A single family dwelling with 1 level above grade and the basement level elevated partially above grade; its entry is located halfway between the basement level and main level;
  • Link Home (LINK) A single family dwelling which is linked underground to another home by either a concrete wall or a steel rod connecting two foundations and may be one or more levels;
  • Mobile (MOBIL) A trailer or other moveable structure that is used as a permanent structure; usually connected to utilities; may or may not have a permanent foundation; land might be leased;
  • Split Level (SPLIT) A single family dwelling with multiple levels above grade, separated by small flights of stairs.

Multi-unit housing, like duplexes include these types:

  • Double Side by Side (DBL-SXS), a building which consists of two dwelling units beside one another, is under single ownership, and looks like a semi-detached;
  • Duplex-Up/Down (DUP-UD) A building which consists of two dwelling units, one above the other; under single ownership.