When looking for a home on there are 3 different ways you can do so. Near the top of the website is a bar with different drop down options. The first option is Search MLS®. When you scroll over this the drop down list appears with four options.

The first two options in the list are Ottawa or Renfrew. When you click on Ottawa a map with all the different areas in the city comes up. Each time you select an area you are brought in closer to narrow down exactly where you are looking.

You have the option of selecting more than one neighbourhood in an area. On the side of the map are boxes with the names of the neighbourhoods/areas. You can select multiple areas here. Once you have selected the areas you want to search in you must decide the property class, that means a residential home, condominium, lot, etc. Click next and you are brought to one more page where you will decide the price range, type of home, and neighbourhood influences that are important to you. Press search and a list of all the homes that match the criteria you just input will show up. When you want to view one of the homes just click on the picture and all the information will appear. The process is the same if you are looking in Renfrew.

The next way to search for a listing on the site is by MLS® Number. Every property that is listed by a Realtor on MLS® has a number associated with it. This is called the MLS® Number. You can get an MLS® number from a few places. Some Realtors include MLS® Numbers in their advertising. If you were looking on you may know the number. Finally, if you are working with a Realtor who is sending you property listings, they would come with the MLS® Number as well. When you scroll over the Seach MLS the third option in the drop down list is MLS #. When you click this a screen appears with a box that says “Enter a 6 Digit MLS® #” When you put the number in here it will take you directly to all the information for that property.

The final option in the drop down list is Neighbourhood. When you select this option you are brought to a page with a long list of all the neighbourhood areas in the city. You can find neighbourhoods by name or by the numeric code given to them. Select as many neighbourhoods as you want. Do this by using the Control key on your keyboard when selecting all the neighbourhoods. When you press next you are going to go through the same process as with the map options. Decide on the property class, type of home, price range, neighbourhood influences, etc. Again you will be brought to all the homes that match the criteria you put in. All you have to do is browse through them and click on the ones that interest you.