Save Search

When you are in the middle of your search for a new home many buyers visit everyday. Instead of re-inputting your criteria every day try using the save search function. The “Save Search” feature allows you to save search criteria for use in future searches. When you have filled in the criteria for the home you are looking for, at the bottom of the input form on the left side of the screen, is the save feature. To save your search criteria, enter a name or label for your search in the box provided, after filling in the criteria and click on the arrow beside the box.

Next time you come back to the site and go to the advanced search page, a drop-down box will appear at the top left of the screen. Pull open the drop-down menu and select your search criteria and click “APPLY” to reload it into the search options page. You may have as many as 10 search options.
If you search criteria has change you have the option to delete the search the same way as you open it. Instead of selecting the “Apply” option when you highlight the search, simply click “DELETE”