iBox Information

In the last year, the Ottawa Real Estate Board and its members have introduced a new type of technology. The iBox has been used in other areas in the country and now become an integral part of showing homes here in this city. The iBox, with the accompanying eKey provides added security for home owners selling their home.

Like the mechanical lockboxes used on homes for many years, the iBox is used to store house keys to allow Realtors access to a property while homeowners are not home. Each member of the Real Estate Board has an ekey, the electronic device used to open the iBox. When each member received their ekey, they got a unique numeric code for the key. When the Realtor goes to show a home with an iBox, they input this unique code into the ekey, and point it at the infrared area on the ibox. Once the two devices communicate the ibox releases the compartment holding the key.
Sounds like a high tech version of the trusty mechanical lockboxes that Realtors have used for years. So what is the difference? With the iBox being an electronic device, there are several added security features that no mechanical box could hold.

As mentioned, each Realtor is given their own unique code for their ekey. When they use this key on the iBox, the box records the information sent to it from the key. The information includes the Realtor’s name, Brokerage, Contact Information and the exact time that Realtor opened the box.

Your Realtor can find out this information through their eKey. If anything were to go wrong, a door left unlock, something missing from your home after a showing, with this technology your Realtor will be able to know who was in your home at what time.

One more additional security feature is the iBox can restrict when the eKey will work on the iBox. Therefore, your Realtor can set certain time restrictions for during the week, and separate ones for the weekend. This ensures person will be able to get a key for your home during these restricted times.