Property Email

When your Realtor is setting up a search for you to automatically send you listings matching your criteria, he or she will ask you a bunch of questions about what you are looking for in your search. Unlike on MLS®, a Realtor can add many more search options when they are setting it up for you. If the size of the lot, the age of the home, or the type of heating are important to you, these are examples of additional items your Realtor can search for when looking for your home, that are not available to you on any website search.

When your Realtor sends you these emails with the listing information, if there is more than one listing being sent to you at a time, going through all the listings is very simple. No matter what view you and your Realtor decide on, all will have a drop down box in the bottom left corner of the listing. The address of the first property will appear in this box. Next to the box is an arrow. You can go through the listings either by selecting the drop down list and going through or using the arrows.