There are 3 Ways to Search on

When using, any property that is for sale by a Realtor, is just at your fingertips. To find the right home for you, has provided several ways to search through its website to find your dream home.

The first way to search is using a map. In the center of the front page of the website is a map of Canada. Each province is clickable. All you need to do is choose whichever province you are looking in, and this will bring you to another page.

The page will display the whole province you have selected. There will be too many results for you to see them all on the page. On the left side of the map will be a zoom function. Continue to zoom in onthe map until you are in the desired city.

Once you are close enough all the listings will be displayed on the screen. You can either click on the spots on the map or scroll through the results on the left hand side of the map.


On the front page there is a box in the top part of the banner that says MLS® Number.

If you have been looking through advertisements, some Realtors will put the mls number for the property in the ad. You can take that number and put it in this box, which will take you directly to the listing. As well, if you are working with a Realtor, they may have given you the mls number, which you can also put in here. However, should there be more than one property with the same MLS® number, you will get the thumbnails displaying all those listings. There can be more than one property with the same MLS® number because each local real estate Board or Association has its own unique numbering system.

Another way to search for properties on is through the Text Search. This search allows users to refine their search with as much detail as possible within pre-defined real estate types that include Residential, Recreational, Land, Agriculture, Open House and Parking. The Residential, Recreational and Open House search options can also be refined or narrowed. On a following page you are given more options to narrow your search should the need arise.

The same process is used through the Advance Search option, found in the top banner next to the MLS Number Search.

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