What is MLX?

First you need to take a quick step backwards. MLS® is a trademark owned by NAR (National Association of Realtors) and by CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association). Each Real Estate Board in Canada is permitted to use the MLS trademark and offer services to Realtors and to the general public. Each Real Estate Board will hire a company, basically a website provider, to manage the MLS® information and provide a portal for the public to view the information.

In Ottawa the information is available through the Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB). OREB has chosen InterRealty to provide this hosting service, and it’s product is MLXChange.
MLXChange is used daily by Realtors in Ottawa to load and manage listings for Ottawa properties. As a Buyer, you can view the listing information through MLS.ca and OREB.ca.

Realtors use the MLXChange system like you would MLS.ca. It is the central location for all of the Real Estate Board listings, statistics, and historical information. Unlike MLS, MLXChange will display sold prices, days on Market, Selling Brokerage, conditional period length, and much more.

When a Realtor loads a new listing into MLXChange it becomes instantly available to other Realtors.

If you have ever spent any time trying to view listings on MLS.ca you often find that by the time you call an agent to see one you like it is already sold. With MLX your realtor can set you up on a search based on your criteria and you will be notified as soon as the listing is made active.

When your Realtor sets up a search for you using MLX, you get sent reports either immediately when the property is listed, or at a set date or time agreed upon between you. There are many ways these reports can come to you.

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